How to take captivating fashion photos?

Fashion Photograpy

Whether you’re shooting your fashion collection and using the photos on Instagram, selling clothes in your own online store, or wanting to create shots to publish in a magazine, there are a few basic steps for fashion photography to help you achieve your desired success.


When shooting fashion photography in a studio, lighting is essential. Studio flashes, soft boxes and umbrellas are vital for your photos. Sometimes unique fashion photos can be created with natural light. One of the most popular sources of light for fashion photography is window light. Hanging a white diffuser in front of the window will scatter and soften the light. When you want to use additional lights, you can take good-looking photos even with one light source and two reflectors.


You definitely need a high quality DSLR camera to take fashion photography. Fashion photos need to be crisp with high resolution, so the number of megapixels is very important for fashion photography. We personally prefer Canon’s professional cameras.

The lenses

Fashion photography requires a suitable lens. You should have a 50mm fixed focal length lens with a very fast aperture, preferably between 1.2 and 1.8, to be used for dark shoots in low light. Of course, wide-angle or telephoto lenses are not uncommon, depending on the end result you want to achieve.


Fashion photos are almost always published after digital editing. Starting from removing blemishes and wrinkles to creating contrasting photos, color correction and various other effects. With Photoshop, photos can be created to stand out from the crowd

Do you need product photography?

Why do we need it? A professionally made product photo makes your customer want to buy your item. Online stores are becoming an increasingly desirable place and way of shopping for your users, but they will not be successful if the photos of the items published in them are small, unclear, of poor quality…